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jigsaw puzzle mat

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LAST CHANCE! - 30% OFF all original Puzzle Buddy jigsaw puzzle storage mats. Only $5.00 S/H. An ideal puzzle storage solution. How are they different from puzzle boards? Puzzle boards are more expensive and have costly shipping. The Puzzle Buddy jigsaw puzzle mat is a simple, easy-to-use puzzle accessory. Since the creation of the Puzzle Buddy, scores of copy-cat puzzle storage mats have flooded the market. Some use inflatable balloon tubes, which may sound good in theory, but greatly lack in rigid support thats needed to keep puzzle together. Notwithstanding the obvious, once it becomes punctured, it becomes useless. Other puzzle roll ups are made with roll up cores tha are too small in diameter. This forces the puzzle pieces to bend or break when rolled around the puzzle storage tube. In contrast, the Puzzle Buddy puzzle accessory uses a over-sized, rigid fiber-core roll up tube that's designed to displace the pressure points of a puzzle pieces, which prevents bending. In addition, the Puzzle Buddy jigsaw puzzle mat will NEVER deflate!
jigsaw puzzle roll up mat

jigsaw puzzle roll up mat

No Elastic Bands! - No Tube Assembly! - No Balloons!

Not enough table space? Tired of lost puzzle pieces?

Then you need a Puzzle Buddy, a "must have" for every puzzler! It's a simple and easy way to safely secure your unfinished jigsaw puzzles without overpaying for expensive puzzle boards. Just roll out the non-slip, synthetic felt mat on a flat surface and assemble your puzzle! When you need your table space, just roll it up, fasten with our low-profile Velcro straps and store it for another day! (Puzzle Buddy components can be stored inside capped tube when not in use.) When you're ready to resume, just unroll and continue assembly. It's that easy! (SEE VIDEO!)

The Puzzle Buddy jigsaw puzzle mat is durably made to withstand repeated use, making it one of the best jigsaw puzzle accessories on the market today. The Puzzle Buddy puzzle roll up is great for travel when used as a portable puzzle storage accessory.

- The original Puzzle Buddy includes a custom-sized, fiber-core tube with end caps, synthetic felt assembly mat, reusable Velcro straps and illustrated instructions.

puzzle roll up

The Puzzle Buddy puzzle storage mat is great for: Nursing Homes, Schools, Small Apartments, RV's, Hospitals, Corporate Lounges, Waiting Rooms, and Libraries. Made for repeated use.
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jigsaw puzzle mat
Puzzle Caddy
( Fits up to 1500 pc puzzles! )

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puzzle roll up mat
( Fits up to 3000 pc puzzles! )

Reg.$32.95 Now-$23.00
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puzzle roll up mat
( Fits up to 5000 pc puzzles! )

Reg.$54.95 Now-$37.95
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